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I have been getting massages on a regular basis for more than 20 years.  Liliana is one of the most effective massage therapists I have ever been to. Her approach is specific to my needs.  I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia and Liliana has helped me significantly.  She knows what to do to reduce my pains and many times eliminate it completely.  Thank you! Stephani  



A testimony for the benefits of the use of massage
  I have a history of chronic headaches, migraines, tension, and sinus.  I also deal with high anxiety, depression, and irritable bowel disease...Through the usual medical doctor regime for assurance, most of my relief acutally comes from the deep relaxation benefits of massage therapy performed by Liliana.  The deep warmth prior working of the skin and muscle layers provides a calming sensation which allows me to release all tension. Aromatherapy along with this also allows sinus and facial loosening. The background soothing music carries my thoughts away from problems...after an hour of this care receiving I am new person!



Beautiful Liliana, Beautiful massage.

I have had chronic back pain most of my adult life. A bad case of shingles six months ago which left nerve damage on my spine which caused pain down my gluteus to my knees. Terrible pain! All night till the hours of the morning.  I visited my chiropractor weekly and his muscular massage therapist.  No relief. They said I need an MRI.  Thousands of dollars might have been wasted I am sure.  Now after a deep massage by Liliana, there is no pain. I sleep thru the night. Halleluiah!! Blessing to Liliana. Laura P.


Going to Liliana for a massage is something I look forward too because I know when I leave, I am going to feel alive and SO MUCH better!  Liliana does not rush the massage, and if I need extra care that day, she provides.  The fomentations, while might be foreign to some, are fabulous!  The warm, moist heat provides relief for my sore muscles, and when Liliana assages, my muscles are relaxed. The atmosphere is private, relaxing, and it is so nice just to able to lay while Liliana makes me feel better.  It is a wonderful ending to my day. 

Another bonus is Liliana is so reasonable with cost and makes it affordable.  She is not in this work for the money but to make her clients feel good and have them leaving in a better condition than when they arrived.  This I appreciate much about Liliana.  She cares.  I have had terrible knots in my legs and soreness in my hips.  Liliana has not only spent time with me during my massage to make me feel better but has spent hours in between massages researching what could be wrong, how she can better take care of me, and shares that information with me.  Time is not a factor with her when a client is not feeling well either.  She is truly a blessing to me! 
Kathleen C.


I have been seeing Liliana for several months due to chronic pain.  I have improved greatly since my first appointment.  I have found Liliana to be very knowledgeable and supportive.  When even I come she does an intake to see how I am doing and how I respond to changes.  I have found her to be very committed to her work. Dianna C.




Thank you kindly for the wonderful experience.  The massage was fantastic relaxing and releasing of stress.  Our visit was most enjoyable, too. Thanks again; this was a rich blessing. Arlen C.


God has given you a beautiful gift.  Thank you for the blessing of your healing touch. I feel well, healthy, and strong. Praise Our Lord He is the Healer. Brenda K.



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