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Hydrotherapy Benefits

   What is hydrotherapy?

Is the application of water in any of its three forms (i.e. solid, liquid, vapor) to the body for therapeutic purposes.


A fomentation is an application of moist heat to part of the body which helps to relieve pain and if the heat is more moderate and the application more prolonged before being renewed, it can also relax and enable a perosn to go to sleep. 

  • It also increases the circulation of white blood cells and the flow of blood to the skin, thus releving internal congestion.
  • It relieves muscle tension and spasms, and pain in muscle joints and internal organs.
  • It promotes sweating, thus increasing the elimination of toxins.
  • Stimulates or relaxes according to the temperature of the application.
  • Fomentations are excellent for chest congestion due to colds, and bronchitis. (Natural Remedies Encyclopedia)

The effects of Heat Applications:

 Relieve Pain

Prolonged, mild heat applications (6 to 10 minutes)

 Relax and reduce muscle spasms
 Takes pressure of the nerves and better nerve flow.
 Sedate and soothe the nerves.

Brief, hot applications (3 to 5 minutes)  

 Increases circulation of blood and lymph.
 Boost the immune system seven times multiplying white cells. 

 Treatment Indications:

  • To warm a body part in preparation for massage
  • Painful muscles and joints (back injuries, arthritis)
  • Chest congestion in colds or flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, and pleurisy




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